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Custom friendly Mobile Websites
Why would you want a mobile website (especially for your business). Your customers are going mobile, whether you like it or not. According to Google ... Now with a traditional website you have to do a pinch and squeeze when it shows up on your mobile device. You land up constantly scrolling up and down - left and right and resizing the page to find the buttons you can push (with your finger) to try and navigate the site.

The solution is using a seperate mobile website. Here's an example of a regular sized website (on a mobile device) and a Mobile website by "T" Touch Web Design on the same mobile device. Now on the traditional sized website being rendered on a mobile device you'd have to resize and scroll down and to the left or right to get any buttons large enough for you to get your finger on it to make a selection and by the time you get it large enough to see, you've got to re-find what you were looking at to begin with.

We can make this happen!